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I don't do a ton of freelance work. But I do some. I specialize in helping people fix their sites up. Which usually means, taking a site that wasn't designed very well, and redoing it, while keeping the look and behavior the same as it was.
An example would be a site that was entirely developed and exported from Photoshop, or something, and is just a big collection of HTML files, with no central modules. A site designed this way can be difficult, if not impossible, to manage or make edits to. Not to mention that it's not flexible or scalable at all.

What I do is centralize the common elements like, header, footer, navigation, etc... Change the language to PHP (or ASP), and take advantage of the features the server side code allows. This also opens the opportunity to use MySQL database integration, which would not be possible otherwise.

Most recently, it has become extremely important to have a mobile friendly version of the entire site. This is something I've been incorporating for all of my clients. The basic idea is that the site can detect if a user is using a mobile device, and swaps out the template for one that fits on their screen. The content for each page is held separately, so no matter which template is used, the same content is served up.

That's the basic idea. And probably far more than the average person ever cares to know.

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Client site information:

Legacy Indoor Range and Armory, LLC

Quickly evolving site. Still in its early stages.

Cranberry Hall Farm

This template has proved to be very versatile. Low weight, easy to repurpose.

D & W Glass and Home Improvement LLC

Home improvement company local to the Hamilton, NJ area, specializing in glass and window replacement..

Joey Stann - Holistic Life Master / Professional Musician

This is actually 2 sites. Joey is both a Holistic health practitioner and a professional musician. The original site was cleaned up and put on a new host. The musician section is brand new.

Lawton's Service Company, Inc

Site began with a fairly simple tempate, and has since evolved and expanded with some nice features.

Princeton Chiropractic Wellness Center

Originally built in flat HTML. Totally rebuilt in ASP. The owner now has control over the content, and is much happier with how easy it is to make updates.

Innovative Pressure Wash

Originally exported from PhotoShop as flat HTML. Rebuilt in PHP. Even the CSS was completely left out of this in the beginning. It's in much better shape now

The Trenton Farmers Market

This was a site replacement. The original looked nothing like this. I designed and built the whole thing from scratch. This is the most customized site I've yet produced.


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