Google Map Generator

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This page was created for the purpose of generating the code to embed a map on your web page. I run into this a lot. It's a pain in the neck to have to generate this block of code manually. And all the other tools out there are just TOO complicated. It really is a simple matter. Drives me nuts that so many others overcomplicate it. To that end... Here is the simplest method possible.

- If the company name is recognized by Google, it will make the map based on that alone.
- If you don't have that, leave it blank. The Address will be geocoded.
- Lat and long appear to be ignored altogether, even though you can include that in the code.
- The Geocode button will go out and grab that Lat and Long for you. But it really doesn't serve any purpose.
- The address must be complete and well formed, or the map will draw nothing.

Company Name:





Map will paint out here

bottom corner