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Note: 2/22/2016 - I really did have this forum up and running. But it got exactly zero useful traffic. The only people that found the forum and did anything at all were spammers. I don't even think many of them were real people. It was enough trouble trying to stop them from posting all sorts of ridiculous bullshit. But one of them managed to figure out how to send mass emails from the server. Got the entire account suspended. I have NO idea how they did that. Fortunately this was nothing more than a garbage account for testing stuff. So nothing of value was lost. But it underlines why I didn't have the forum software installed on THIS server. If my entire website got taken down, I'd have been mighty pissed.

Anyway... The rest of this page remains, in case someone happens to stumble upon it.

Begin original text for this page.

A request for a freelance project I have upcoming, was to have a live forum (or bulletin board) on the site so that users could post and interact with each other in a community sense. I'm quite familiar with these systems. There was a time when I was pretty active on a few of them. So, I knew exactly what the client was looking for. The thing is, I had never actually set one up before. For myself or anyone. So I had to learn how.

So I went to one of my development servers and installed the free, open source phpBB forum software. It's just WAY too much to install on my own server, with my ~20 year old portfolio. There's already too much shit here.
For this reason, the forum is not hosted on this server. But it does exist. And I DO intend to keep an eye on it as an admin. If you are looking for a wide open forum to discuss whatever the hell you want with no restriction, join this one. Create an account and have fun with it. Just don't post anything really screwed up. I still use this site as my portfolio, and I do try to keep it family friendly.

  • The actual forum: Go to the forum : Not gonna happen.
  • phpBB - The people that wrote the software: Official site for phpBB

On a personal note... phpBB is pretty much the standard for these sorts of things, and has been for at least 20 years that I'm aware of. I cannot believe what that community of coders has put together and released for free. It's an unbelievable piece of software!

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