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2/17/2019:Wow... It's been a long time...

I haven't updated this home page in like 8 months!
A lot has happened in that time. I have some new clients sites. I have some new personal sites.

Check out I put that together as an experiment working with AWS, or Amazon Web Services. I built myself a cloud based Linux server, and built a web site on it. It's the first time I really dug in to how that technology works. And I'm really happy with the results.

I also built me a new blog. Ever since I started working with cryptocurrency last year, I've found many intersting things about the subject. Such to a point that I thought it was a good idea to start writing some of it down. Also, to give others an opportunity to learn more about the whole thing in a way that is not too technical or demanding, but not useless either.


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