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Saber Fight Whaaaat??? Highjack Screwball JackAss CaptainObvious Sucks The Hulk
Cool!! Wheew!! BigLaugh HaHa Excellent ByYourCommand Geezer Loser shiat Dancing Banana LaughALot clap nyah booooo penalty

¯\_(ツ)_/¯   <-- That one is a font, not a graphic. Copy the text.

Not mine:

Dancing Banana DrinkBeer Knife Blink Popcorn

Unsee Sucks Plug! PotKettle HellFrozen Kudos trainwreck fingers Worthless FSM Heh? Winner! AgentK GiveADarn

good nope getout ThatsWassis clapping howAboutNo these2points dancingTroll

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cool  obvious  sad  amusing  asinine  dumbass  fail  followup  interesting  interesting
newsflash  scary  sick  silly  spiffy  spiffy  stupid  unlikely  weird""  ironic"" 

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