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7/28/2017:New project... Working on a new Quote of the Day app.

7/19/2017: I've been doing a lot of client work lately, so there hasn't been much in the way of new app development. I've more been concentrating on promoting what I've got out there, rather than creating new stuff. I do have one thing worth sharing... I made a new page for RSS news feeds. The idea is a simple one... All the best news sources on one page.

4/21/2017: It's been a busy past bunch of months. My newest project is now released for both Android and iPhone. Behold, the Gravity Simulator Game:
appleIconGravity Simulator Game - iOS
androidIconGravity Simulator Game - Android

You can read all about it on either of those links. But in short, I built the first version for Android, and it was doing well enough that I thought it was a good idea to produce an iPhone version as well! Hope you enjoy!

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The mobile version of the site is still in progress, and probably always will be.
Most pages on the site have a mobile friendly version. Some don't. The content is what is important. Every part of the site is functional regardless.

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