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2019-07-04 - Moving this portfolio

As I mentioned in the previous note, this portfolio is moving to the new host. I have finally begun that process.

As of now, a clear 95% of the site is moved and is working fine. I expect the final move will be done tomorrow morning.

All that really entails is changing the DNS entries to point at the new server. Wish me luck.

Update: The site move is done. If anything appears broken, then it's because I haven't fixed it yet.

2019-06-15 - Changing my host

I am in the middle of changing my hosting environment.

This portfolio is still running on the old host. All other sites have been moved.

The story goes like this... I needed to get SSL for all of my sites. That means client sites as well as personal. My host, the one currently still running THIS page, would not provide SSL for anything resembling a reasonable price.

Even when I tried to tell them, "Your competition offers that for free", they wouldn't budge. So I have no choice but to move. The upshot to all of this is that I have a brand new environment now, and all my clients now have SSL. And I'm not charging them any extra for it.

Now that all my clients are moved and safe, the next step is to move this portfolio. That is no small undertaking. Just take a look at this site map, to get an idea. I will have to do this in stages.

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The mobile version of the site is still in progress, and probably always will be.
Most pages on the site have a mobile friendly version. Some don't. The content is what is important. Every part of the site is functional regardless.

There is a little menu in the top left of all the mobile pages for additional navigation.

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