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German scientists schwabing recovered Covid patients for antibodies fear that those antibodies may not last long [Misc]
Misc [link] [20 comments]

Passenger:"I'm going to kill everybody on this plane. Die in the name of Jesus" Christ, what an asshole [Scary]
Scary [link] [39 comments]

Young-at-heart senior home residents pass the time in self-quarantine by posing for photos recreating iconic album covers [Cool]
Cool [link] [19 comments]

German prostitutes are ready to reopen [Boobies]
Boobies [link] [32 comments]

I have made a huge mistake [Stupid]
Stupid [link] [75 comments]

Frat houses are having an outbreak that penicillin can't cure [Obvious]
Obvious [link] [36 comments]

Disappointing Mad Libs headline of the day: "Nudes tops greenery-covered Forest School in Pune with looping cycling track" [Amusing]
Amusing [link] [20 comments]

Zero coronavirus deaths reported in NYC for the first time in 4 months. Now let's keep it that way [Spiffy]
Spiffy [link] [53 comments]

Cannabidiolic Acid is the name of my ... wow ... cool [Cool]
Cool [link] [64 comments]

What do you get when parents can't afford to stay home with their kids? A super spreader event at a daycare [Asinine]
Asinine [link] [61 comments]


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