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Hackers Can Mess With Voltages to Steal Intel Chips' Secrets
A new attack called Plundervolt gives attackers access to the sensitive data stored in a processor's secure enclave.
'Marriage Story' Proves Anything on Netflix Can Be a Meme Now
Over the weekend, the internet turned the film's most tense moment into LOLs. Because of course it did.
How the Mandalorian Might See Through Walls
Mando's sci-fi ability might not be as crazy or outlandish as you think.
Industry Must Team up With Government to Keep America on Top
The Federal government takes on early investment risks that venture capital won't take, underwriting industry and the future.
The Best Kindle to Buy (And Which to Avoid)
Amazon has four different ebook readers, and a ton of older ones. Here's how they stack up, and which may be right for you.
Apple MacBook Pro Review (2019, 16-Inch): A Return to Form
The new MacBook Pro is a little boring, but after years of misfires in Apple's laptop lineup, the machine reliably gets the job done.
What is 5G? The Complete Guide to When, Why, and How
Dive deep into the 5G spectrum, millimeter wave technology, and why 5G could give China an edge in the AI race.
The FCC's Push to Purge Huawei From US Networks
The rural carriers who rely on Huawei are wary of a costly “rip and replace” effort.
Amazon, Google, Microsoft: Here's Who Has the Greenest Cloud
A WIRED report card on the top three cloud providers shows how their environmental claims stack up.
Today’s Cartoon: Ad Blockers
How to block those pop-up ads for good.


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