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About this site

Note for 05/30/2016: Announcing the formation of DPOISN LLC. This site is now under that business entity.

Consider this a portfolio of sorts. The site has been evolving and added to for the greater part of 28 years or so. It's got free dynamic content, games, links to other projects I've worked on, independent and Star Wars fan films, tutorials, all kinds of stuff... Most recently, Android development.

I hope you are at least a little entertained by what you find.

If you're wondering about the domain name. I used to own the actual "" domain, but I let it expire. I didn't feel like paying a ransom to get it back. In no way was it worth any money to me. So I started over fresh. For a couple of years, I used a domain that was provided by my host. That would be 000Webhosts. They provided PHP hosting services, with a mySQL database. If you are looking for a free host, with no ads, especially for use as a complete testing environment, I highly recommend them.

With the domain being as it was, the entire site was blacklisted from Facebook, not showing up indexed on Google, and blocked by some of the more paranoid office security tools (just because of the odd domain name). In short, the site, though safe, was pretty well blocked from view without a direct link, or sometimes completely. So I finally decided it was time to just pony up the cash and get an actual domain name again, that I own. No more troubles with that nonsense. Since some jackhole owns my OLD domain name, and I still refuse to pay ransom for it, I went with a shortened version. And there is the story.

2/7/2015 - Having said all of that, the hosting situation still was not perfect. 000Webhost is really great, as I said, for development and testing purposes. But once you're in production, you need something a little more reliable, and a host that will be accountable if anything goes wrong. Considering what happened to one of my client's production sites, I was always concerned that one day I'd wake up and find out they decided to delete the entire site. For the record, this happened. I had back ups and stuff, so it wasn't a total disaster. But that pissed me off. And it since concerned me that the same thing could happen to this site.
So I moved everything over to a new host. Since I'm paying them already I won't give them an outright plug. If you really care enough, go look up my domain on WhoIs, or something. They are very popular and well known, and spend a lot on very amusing ads.

So you know... It's not like I just woke up one day and knew how to do all this stuff. The internet is a great source of information exchange. One site in particular has been extremely helpful.
profile for durbnpoisn at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers
That's what my profile looks like there. When I run into trouble, I typically go to Google to help me find a solution. A clean 9/10 times, the answer comes from a StackOverflow question. As such, as a means of returning the favor, I spend a bit of time myself helping people when they run into a jam.

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