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icon FREE version. With ads. On The App Store | 8/22/2016
icon PAID version. No ads. On The App Store | 9/9/2016

iPhone version of Concert Lighter

This app was originally released for Android in summer 2014. It has since become my most downloaded (about 50,000), and most retained (about 9600) app of all. Clearly, it is very important for me to have an iPhone version of this app.


08/22/2016 UPDATE to the UPDATE: The app PASSED! Which means it is now available on The App Store! Joy of joys!

08/22/2016 UPDATE: I made my appeal to The App Review Board. After careful consideration they have decided that the first idea to reject this app stands. There is no fighting the system. So I spent a bunch of time adding lighter graphics (plus a few flame sources that are not lighters), plus a little chooser interface. So the app now has interactivity in the form of customization. As it turns out, though I was forced into doing so, I do like the new version. I put a lot of work into making really nice looking, clean graphics. As of yesterday, it is in review again. Hopefully, this will will pass.

08/16/2016 UPDATE: The App Review team at Apple has determined to reject this app. It doesn't contain enough functionality. I am currently in the midst of my 2nd appeal. My argument is on the grounds that "of course it lacks functionality. That's the whole point of the app!" Not to mention that 46,000 people have already downloaded the Android version. And every time I talk to a group of people about the app, half of them ask, "can I get it on my iPhone?"
It cannot be overstated that I think that Apple's guidelines on this sort of thing are misguided. The reason my app is currently in the #1 position in the Google Play store is because it doesn't HAVE all the nonsense that Apple thinks is necessary to make a useful, valuable app. So, wish me luck. If I lose the appeal, I will have to go back and add a bunch of useless crap to satisfy their requirements...

08/12/2016: As of my writing this today, I have a compiled versions for both paid and free versions running on an actual device. They are currently in Beta using TestFlight (Apple's beta testing program). If all goes well, they should be available for download this weekend!

08/10/2016: As of my writing this today, I am almost ready to release this app. Apple doesn't make it easy. Every time I think I've jumped the last hurdle, I find 2 more that I didn't know about. As happy as I am to finally be able to say "I can develop for iPhones now!", it has been a long brain-hurting process.

In particluar, I'm finding that the method of delivering ads is what seems to be causing the trouble right now. There is a very good chance I will released the paid version of this app first. I kinda don't want to do that. On the other hand... If people are willing to pay a buck for the app (and like 100 have done so for the Android version), maybe it's not a terrible idea.

Download link:
icon FREE version. With ads. On The App Store | 8/22/2016
icon PAID version. No ads. On The App Store | 9/9/2016


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