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icon On The App Store | v1.95 - 4/21/2017

iPhone version of Gravity Simulator Game

Like many of my apps, the idea for this was first utilized as a JavaScript app. Behold, the JavaScript Gravity Simulator.

The idea of the simulator was to more or less create a stable solar system. That was what got me thinking about it.

I started working on that thing. But I got stuck on some of the math. Who wouldn't, right? So I found a set of scripts that some other person wrote that more or less answered many of my questions. So a lot of their ideas were incorporated into what I finally used on that page.

Trying to run that chunk of code on a mobile device was a disaster. Just SO slow. Plus, the interface is really made for a mouse. I wanted a version to run on the iPhone that behaved as well as that JavaScript version. It was a lot of work, figuring out how to make this thing cooperate. But I am very happy with the result.

Download link:
icon On The App Store | v1.95 - 4/21/2017


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