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icon On The App Store | v2.50 - 9/08/2016

iPhone version of Halloween Countdown

Below is the short version of the story of the original Android version of this app. What you are reading about here is the iPhone/iOS version. Completely written from the ground up for a totally different platform. But I managed to reuse all of the graphics, so it looks more or less the same.

While I was at it, I made this version so that the moon graphic in the background shows the actual phase based on the date. And since I did that already, I updated the Android version with that feature as well.

08/30/2016: The app is live on iTunes!

08/29/2016: Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. The app was rejected by the Apple Review team because it didn't have any interactivity. If you had followed the story of the Concert Lighter, it was a very similar situation. Only, this time I didn't appeal the decision, or even complain about it. I simply came up with a new idea. I added a Concentration game to it. It's in review now, and assuming it passes, it should be available as early as tomorrow.

08/12/2016: As of my writing this today, I have a compiled version running on an actual device. It is currently in Beta using TestFlight (Apple's beta testing program). If all goes well, it should be available for download this weekend!

Text from the original description

This project started with an online JavaScript app. This one: Countdown to Halloween.

This led to a Gadget version, suitable for blogs and other personal web pages (see below)

From the start, my son was saying, "Dad... You really need to make an app out of this." Of course, he was right. So I got to work on it.

Download link:
icon On The App Store | v2.50 - 9/08/2016


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