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Information about this project:
icon On The App Store | v1.82 - 9/21/2017
Also available for Android:
icon On Google Play | v1.00 - 08/15/2017

iPhone version of Quote of the Day

This project is intended to be an entirely database driven app that can be accessed from pretty much anywhere. To give an idea of how versitile something like this can be, here is a super-simple Javascript implementation.

The quote there is live from the database and different every day. This is essentially the default. If you click the link and see the web module, you can scroll through days and see all the quotes, plus submit your own. This is the way the Android and iPhone apps work as well.

The story behind why this app was built (for those that are interested...)

There is a new weather app out there that has amusing text for whatever the weather happens to be. I know how they do this... They get the RSS feed from some reliable weather service, and simply replace the actual text with funny stuff that they write.

What got me was just how much stuff there is. You really never see the same thing twice. Which got me thinking, "How do they gather all those amusing quotes?" It's like they have some means to make it really simple to look outside, see what the weather is, and simply submit a quote about it.

So it got me thinking that it was probably a good idea for me to get something like that going for myself. I hear funny stuff all the time. Might be good to start saving some of it.

Anyway... I am well aware that this is not an original idea. And I know that it's been done a few million times. All I can say about this app is that, it IS a brand new collection. Much of the stuff may be old, but a lot more of it is new and/or original material. And by "original", I mean that not all of the quotes came from famous people. Many of them are mine, or friends, or friends of friends...

Download link:
icon On The App Store | v1.82 - 9/21/2017


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