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icon On The App Store | v1.50 - 9/10/2016

iPhone version of Christmas Countdown

The same app as the Halloween Countdown but with different graphics. Well, that's the short, short version of it all. The very first version of this whole thing began with a browser-based JavaScript app, Countdown to Christmas. From this idea, I also built a little gadget for use on blogs and other web sites (see below).
The next step was to create an Android app. That has been out there for a couple of years now.

The version here is a little different in that it also has a Concentration Game built in. It also has some new and updated graphics. Which is making me think it's time to revamp the Android version...

9/13/2016: The app is live on iTunes!

9/10/2016: The app is currently under Apple Review. Considering this app is so similar to the Halloween Countdown, I expect this one to pass without much trouble. But, you never know... In any case, that is why download links are not showing yet.

Download link:
icon On The App Store | v1.50 - 9/10/2016



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