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Note 2021-07-03: For those who just tuned in... This blog was originally made at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown. After over a year of daily posts, I've slowed down on how often I post - the lockdown is effectively over after all. But I still like the blog, and I still use it all the time. So it remains.

I have removed the Data Visualizations that were there, mostly because they don't mean much anymore. But also because the data source (Wikipedia) has changed stuff around, and I don't much feel like re-wiring all that data since, as I said, it doesn't mean anything.

New links are posted above for newer projects that I'm working on. And the blog will continue. Enjoy!


Running thoughts (the shut in is over) (stats)

2020-07-17 - Let us see if this works

Live Tableau Viz

Check out this spiffy new viz.  Summary for any country.

I was going to just embed it right here in the blog entry.  But my own software won't let me do that.  So I've linked to a page where it is embedded.  And that works just fine.

I've spent a lot of time over the past week working with my Tableau data.  Since I figured out how to scrape live data, rather than manually updating it all the time, I've determined that I can just keep on being creative and not worry so much about the back-end.  That's all automatic.

The sheet linked up here, is one that I thought was a pretty cool idea.  You could just bookmark that page on your phone and have the data ready at a moment's notice.

2020-07-06 - Getting back to normal

It's not so bad if you ignore the data

As long as you don't actually look at how the cases are rising in some places, then you can safely say this pandemic is under control.  However...


If you look at just this one chart, you can see that this thing is far from under any sort of control at all.  Especially if you live in Florida, Texas, Arizona, or California.

2020-06-26 - Get ready for round two

It looks like the Corona Task Force got the band back together!

And, wow, was that a doozy of a news conference.  Most of it was Pence congratulating the country on having done such an awesome job getting COVID-19 under control.

Oh, by the way, Impeached President 45, the number 19 relates to the year in which this particular strain was discovered to be a problem.  Just because YOU didn't know that, and mocked it at your speech on Saturday for 6200 people, does not mean that "know one knows"...  You stupid, imbicile of a person.

Anyway...  Speaking of people that are stupid...  When a reporter asked Pence, "Hey, you're saying things are getting bad again, but you're holding propaganda rallies.  How on Earth is that okay?" His response was something like, "Well, we don't want to infringe on American's rights to assemble."

When he said that I actually got pretty pissed off.  Because it is, in no manner at all, a first amendment right to violate everyone ELSE's rights to safety.

Any moron knows this.  Well, except Pence.  But this is what the problem is here.  The VP of the United States is making false claims about what the Constitution says, and their followers go right along with it.

Statements like that have consequences.

And if you don't believe that this is true, all you have to do is look at the rest of the country outside of NY and NJ.


These states all watched as NJ and especially NY went through a real life horror show, where we had to shut everything down for months until we got shiat under control again.  And we are still social distancing and wearing masks (mostly).  The rest of the country watched and said, "Well, glad it's not us."  And then proceeded to take exactly zero precautions because Impeached President 45 has been calling it "nothing to worry about.  No need to wear a mask, or close down large gatherings.  That's for pussies!!"

It's not that I don't feel sorry for them, because I do.  But for the love of Odin's Raven they were warned over and over by the smart people.  And the advice they followed was from the idiots.  So none of this is a surprise at all.

2020-06-09 - A Spike in New Cases

This is disturbing

I updated one of my Tableau Vis's to show something really disturbing. Here is a preview. Click the image for the full thing.

NY and NJ

The top graph shows all the cases over time for all the states, individually. The bottom charts shows all the states except for NY and NJ as the red line. That's just to explain why there are two charts. The point of this is the spike that occurred on May 28th.

That was the day after the George Floyd protests broke out.

2020-05-22 - World data

Data at the World level

One thing that everyone should know by now is that we do not know how many people actually even HAVE COVID-19 right now. The reason the stay-at-home measures were put in place was to slow the spread. But that does not mean that we will notice a drop off in new cases overnight. Considering we know that it usually takes up to 2 weeks for someone to even know they are sick, this obviously means that we won't really have any idea of the full scope until a full 2 weeks AFTER we implemented the social distancing thing.

Don't listen to your local morning radio show talk show host when he says that the stay at home orders are ineffective and useless. Such information is incorrect and dangerous. Yes, I'm looking at you NJ 101.5.

The numbers here are going to spike in a horrifying manner. And it's going to happen soon. At this point we should all be aware of those facts before getting all freaked out. The damage is done. This is just reporting on how bad that damage is.

You could go directly to the source for this data. But I noticed that the source leaves the single most important stat off the charts. The percentages. Saying that you have 2 deaths may not sound like a big deal. But when you are talking about 4 people, that's 50%!!

The data set here adds those columns to the existing data. The base for this data is sourced from Google's stats page which, according to them is updated every hour. To date, I have been able to refresh MY version at least once a day. Plus I've been working on the visualizations and I've been using the most current data as I go.

Original data from Google, which gets their data from: Wikipedia. The data is owned by them. I claim no ownership. I'm just republishing with a couple of additional columns.

Additional insights
Update 2020-04-21: What can I say about this that hasn't already been said by every other data analyst out there? Not much. I can point out that recovery data seems to be suspiciously absent from the data sets lately, and I don't know why. It's making me question how completely reliable this stuff is. I expect it will get correctly shortly. In the end, the data reporting is only as good as the data. And that data is provided by humans.

I added a new viz for Counties in NJ. I live in NJ, so it stands to reason that would be my biggest concern. Nothing surprising there either. The vast majority of our cases are right on the border of NYC. There are definitely cases and deaths all over the state though.

2020-04-30 - State data

Data at the state level

This data is taken from Wikipedia in the same manner as the country data above. This data represents the top 10 states by number of confirmed cases.

If you would like to see this data in a more visual format, today is your luck day. I went and grabbed the Public version of Tableau, and made an interactive map of this thing.

datavis icon

As good as I am with Tableau, I've not used the "public" version before. So that is like a super-simple first shot. When I get some time, I'll really spiffy it up.

Original source Wikipedia

Recovery information is now on there too. That was missing from the first data set I was using. For the first time today, I see that we have recoveries in NJ. About time!