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Popping Wrap Game

(formerly Bubble Wrap Game)


Information about this project:

2019-12-08: This game has been sold to an outside company and is no longer supported by DPoisn LLC. Thank you for your interest in this project. The rest of this page is still here for you to view.

This is a BRAND NEW version of this game. That is to say, this is not an upgrade, but a complete replacement. The graphics and the sounds are all that I kept. Every last bit of the code was started over from scratch.

Note for 1/28/2018: I added a high score table to the live database to track all scores on all games. Here are the high scores for THIS game:

I used a completely different method to create the project. I fixed ALL of the problems I had with the old version. The sounds now work 100%. There is music. Plus, you can turn them on and off and save preferences.

If you would like to read about and/or download the previous version, it's still up and running. Click here, to open the part of this page containing that project.

Downloads removed

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