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Information about this project:
icon On Google Play | v8.42 - 09/23/2018
icon On Amazon Appstore | 8/10/2015
icon On iTunes | 10/2/2016

Note 10/2/2016: An iPhone version of this app is now available!

NOTE for 12/28/2015:
New updates to this app incliude: Added a launcher icon for devices that don't support widgets. Also added a new widget for the moon alone (no text or backdrop). Plus I cleaned up the original graphics. Amazon users will be happy about the launcher icon. It would never show up on some of their devices otherwise.

NOTE for 9/28/2015:
I was working on a new script to generate a calendar. It worked so well that I merged the idea with the Moon Phase gadget I already had (see the next note). Once I had it there, I decided it was a good idea to get that into the Android App too. So the newest version of this program has an additional view with full calendars. Also, the special moon graphics, like eclipses and blue moons...

NOTE for 11/29/2014:
I added on a new extension to this app. As a test, I wrote this as a JavaScript app on this page here. In short, it tracks the position of the moon along with the phase. It has been incorporated into version 5.1 of this program.

Original description...
This is the first of these things I ever put together. The first that I actually completed that wasn't just a simple test. This thing actually functions.
The original code base for this was written in JavaScript. In fact, this is the original version:

The easy part was translating the code for the actual clock to Java (as the Android SDK uses), which is similar, but not the same as JavaScript.
The only difficult part was slogging through all the tutorials and research on how to make a widget and how to make it function as expected. I also made some improvements to the math, so the Android version is actually more accurate than the original.

icon From Google Play
icon From Amazon Appstore
icon On iTunes | 10/2/2016
icon Local version. Follow instructions on previous page.

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