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Air Horn and Other Loud Sounds


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icon On Google Play | v3.50 - 2018-09-25
icon On Amazon Appstore | 8/18/2015

This project was developed using the same engine as the Popping Wrap Game. The framework is actually supposed to be for game development. But it works so well at playing sounds, it seemed perfect for something as simple as this. And make no mistake, this app is about as simple as it gets. Its only purpose is to play loud annoying sounds. My intention is to use it all school year to wake up my kids. It's gonna be awesome!

I usually have to make some excuse for large screen support. But not this time. This app looks exactly the same no matter what device you run it on. The technical reason for this is that my apps normally use an XML based layout that dictates what the screen looks like. This is a problem as the XML is always interpreted differently by each device. So it may look great on a small to medium phone, but looks terrible on a 10" tablet. This framework uses no XML at all. It's entirely generated in Java, using a Framebuffer. This is part of the reason that the framework is so flexible. All the overhead from the XML is totally removed. The screen is set up, and will automatically scale to fit anything.


icon From Google Play
icon From Amazon Appstore
icon Local version. Follow instructions on previous page.

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