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STATUS: As of 2021-02-01 08:00AM, this app is LIVE.

The original idea for this app came from a mini-game that my kids used to play on their trusty old Nintendo GameCube. Although, in that version of the game, it was more like a gazillion coins falling from the sky, and you get points for whatever is left after 20 seconds or something.

As I was putting this thing together, I came up with some different ideas on how to use that sort of model but make it more fun to play. So my idea here is to only have a few coins going at a time. The more coins you can keep in the air, the more points you score. More coins also means higher value coins. Because it's actually pretty easy to keep a single coin going, you can effectively play forever without losing as long as you can keep at least one coin bouncing.

The techy information
Years ago, I used a tutorial to create a framework to be used for building games for the Android. It is very low-level Java. Meaning that all of the most common stuff that you need like, drawing stuff, placing graphics, animation, sound, music, user interactions, etc, are all built in to the framework. Over the years, I have used the framework to build a bunch of different kinds of games, and as such I have made a lot of improvements and additions to the framework.

This is a long way of saying that this thing was not built in Unity or something. I use that as an example because that is what most developers are using nowadays. Such to the point that most games look ridiculously familiar. Because they ARE ridiculously familiar. Systems like that have all the game models built, and "developers" use that system to create their "own games". I put all that stuff in quotes because what they are really doing is taking an existing project, slapping some new graphics on it, and releasing it as if it were a new original idea.

I don't mean to sound like I'm annoyed by this. But it seems to me that if you are going to be a developer, you need to be honest about what you're doing. It's like using Wordpress to build a website and calling yourself a "web developer". No. That is not what you are.

Is this game perfect? Not really. Is this game as awesome as those canned models made available by Unity? Of course not. But it's MINE. I wrote it. I developed it. And despite its flaws, I'm happy with the result. Because in the end, it's fun to play. And that's all I was going for.

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