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icon On Google Play | v7.208 - 2024-07-09
icon PAID version, on Google Play | 7/15/2016

Note 07/15/2016: The newest revision of this app removes the title bar to make an even better user experience. I got some complaints about that. Since I'm upgrading all of my apps to a new environment anyway, I figured it was a good time.

A note about the new "paid" version of this app... In only a month or so since it's release, this has become the most downloaded, and most retained of all my apps. And until yesterday, it was the best reviewed. Then, some person gave it a 2-star, and complained that the banner ad totally ruined an otherwise great app.
I suppose he's right. The app does indeed look a lot better without the ads. So, I took the original program, and stripped all that out. But I have to get something out of it. So the paid version is set to the minimum allowed price.

If you find yourself at a concert, and the band starts playing a song that requires everyone to raise their lighters, you don't want to be left without this app! You also don't want to be that person who is just holding up their cell phone with the screen turned on.
Evidently, real lighters are entirely too dangerous. Don't want to burn down the venue. So, this seems like a reasonable alternative. The Concert Lighter is a short video clip of a lighter that will play in a loop indefinitely. And according to all the tests I've run; because it's a video clip, the screen won't go to sleep or turn off as long as it's running.

This idea came to me after my daughter came home from a concert, and she was making fun of all the people that were just holding up their phones. Got me thinking, there must be a better way... Like an app. Now, I know this has been done before. I didn't even have to do any research to know that. It's too simple and obvious an idea for it not to have been done. But my thinking is, so what. Why shouldn't I have my own version? And this version is simple, lightweight, and won't kill your battery.

icon From Google Play (Free version, includes Ads)
icon From Google Play (Paid version, NO Ads)
icon Local version. Follow instructions on previous page.

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