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Information about this project:
icon On Google Play | v4.77 - 2024-07-08
icon On Amazon Appstore | 8/3/2015

This project was originally bundled together as part of my Mini Apps Collection. This version has been completely redone. This is another one of those apps that when I first did it, I was still way early in the process of learning this stuff. And it shows. This version has a whole new layout. I went over the whole thing to make the minimal number of steps necessary to quickly open the app, put in your bill, and instantly get your calculation.

Large screen support is a little lacking. It's designed primarily for people using their phone. People don't normally bring their tablet to dinner, after all. It works fine, but too small. A future update will have better large screen support. Unless it doesn't. I have way too many ideas for other projects right at this moment.


icon From Google Play
icon From Amazon Appstore
icon Local version. Follow instructions on previous page.

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