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Note for 1/11/2020: Google Play determined that this app was too similar to other apps and suspended it. This, after it had been running fine for over 2 years. I appealed, they said I could put it back. But it's just not worth the danger. If I get another suspension, they might blacklist my account for life. Not worth the risk. It is still available through Amazon.

Note for 1/28/2018: I added a high score table to the live database to track all scores on all games. Here are the high scores for THIS game:

Like many of my apps, this one was inspired by something I actually saw in the real world. I saw this thing as an impulses item in the store. Only, the button was silver, not red...
It was nothing more than a button with a counter. And it cost like $5!! On one hand, I wish I was the one who invented that. But my very next thought was, I think an Android app that does the same thing would be WAY better. And I can produce it for free!

To be sure, Fidget Devices of all kinds have been appearing in the stores with greater frequency over the past couple of years. There are many people, children especially, that could benefit from a small, essentially pointless toy, that keeps their fingers busy when they get bored. I say, "children especially", but I actually do not believe that people outgrow that sort of behavior. I can easily speak for the middle aged men of the world when I say that I also have fidgeting issues. So even people my age benefit from things like this.

If we're being honest here, I do not think I am alone in this respect. The cell phone has become the ultimate fidget device. People love playing with their phones so much they are willing to risk their lives playing with it while driving!! Now, clearly I do not condone that sort of behavior. But when you're a passenger, or on line at the supermarket, or nothing is on TV because your parents insist on watching the news, an app that lets you press a button forever and ever, is a great way to keep busy.

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