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icon On Google Play | v3.813 - 2024-07-09
icon On Amazon Appstore | 6/26/2019

What started out as a neat little experiment with JavaScript became a full-blown project. This happens a lot, actually. In this case, I've always loved this game, which is what prompted the experiment to start with. And I decided the time was right to produce yet another version of this thing.

This game was written using the same framework as many of my apps... Every time I write something new with that thing, I make some additions to it. This time around, the biggest thing is transition animations. They do nothing to add to the gameplay, but they make the game a little more engaging.

A final point that I cannot stress enough, and one that I will make it a point of saying over and over again is that developers today are going nuts with their ads!! Too many interstitials! Every time you complete a level, you have to watch a 30 second ad to continue. They usually have other ads within the thing as well. The point is, I have the opportunity to do that. I get offers from ad servers all the time about that. And every time I tell them, "No. That is a crappy user experience."

This game has an ad. Up at the top and out of the way. If you choose to interact with it, it will be because you wanted to. And there will be no full screen ads.

Also... I added a high score table to the live database to track all scores on all games. Here are the high scores for THIS game:

icon From Google Play
icon On Amazon Appstore | 6/26/2019
icon Local version. Follow instructions on previous page.


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