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icon On Google Play | 7/25/2015
icon On Amazon Appstore | 7/26/2015
icon On iTunes Store | 9/10/2016

Note: As of September 2016, there is now an iPhone version of this app as well.

This project was originally bundled together as part of my Mini Apps Collection. I've always thought there should have been emphasis put on this, as it IS a very useful utility. Years ago, I had something very similar to this on my trusty old Palm Pilot. With the main exception that this program has a lot more flexibility. What started as a simple length converter suddenly became one that could handle temperature, weights, and fluids as well.

With this program, I had to do quite a bit of tedious setup work. I had to create all the conversion tables and get them into Java. That probably took longer than the actual app.

The one thing that really bothered me about the original version of this, was it looked WAY too plain. Like, it was really obvious that I was just learning how to do this sort of thing. This was especially bad on larger screens. Well, I've learned a lot since then. This new version looks a lot nicer, and it detects screen sizes. So it will even look good on your 10" tablet. Well, better. I still need to get some better work done for the extra large screens.


icon From Google Play
icon From Amazon Appstore
icon Local version. Follow instructions on previous page.

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