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icon On Amazon Appstore | 7/22/2015

Note for 2020-02-23: I have dropped support for this app and removed it from Google Play. It is still available on Amazon.

I had a lot of ideas for small apps (applets?) that would be useful for Android users. But seriously, these apps are just too small to warrant the whole mish mash of their own entire application, with a Play listing, individual web page, separate project, etc... Considering that as far as the Android sees little programs like this, they are just individual "Activities" anyway... I figured why not bundle a bunch together into one app.

Back in the days before phones completely beat typical PDAs out of the market, I used to carry a Palm Pilot all the time. I had a bunch of apps on there that I simply don't have on any of my Android devices. The thing is, I kinda miss them. These are the apps that I wanted to write for this project. So far, this is what I've got:
- Fuzzy Clock - Shows a plain text telling of what the current time is. This is actually the very FIRST app I ever produced. It was how I finally got an application to compile, install, and launch on an actual device. It's so simple it's downright silly. But it IS amusing. But think of how pissed you'd be if you downloaded an entire app JUST for this thing.
- EZ Tip Calculator - Easily figure out the tip for your restaurant bill, with multiple people paying.
- Metric Converter - Originally just for metric conversions. But this version allows for pretty much any conversion for length, weight, temperature, or volume. Standard or metric.
- Elapsed Time - Calculate the elapsed time between two given dates, right down to the second.
- Simple Tile Puzzle - The old number slider puzzle. Really nothing fancy. It doesn't even have animation. But it is surprisingly fun to play. After doing the initial puzzle with just numbers, I decided to add images too. Each time you "shuffle" the tiles for a new game, it will randomly choose a new tileset. It will save your stats, so you can track how well you do... I also added in a button for resetting the stats. This will automatically start a new game whether you like it or not.

I have ideas for many more. The nice thing about how this is packaged is that once installed, any updates and additional apps I make for it, will show up automatically.

icon On Amazon Appstore | 7/22/2015
icon Local version. Follow instructions on previous page.

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