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Puzzle/Action game. Attach segments of pipe to let the water flow.

The object of the game is to make contiguous segments of pipes so that the water can flow through them. You must make chains long enough to complete each level. As the levels go higher, the water speeds up, and the necessary number of segments increases.

This is another project that I started because I had a game very similar to it on my trusty old Palm Pilot. Since I really enjoyed playing that game, and there doesn't appear to be one like it, I made one of my own.

Note 2/8/2017: This thing is finally finished!! You can read below if you would like to know why it's even necessary to point that out.

Probably the oddest thing about this project is that it's been around for a very long time. I mean, like months and months. I started working on it, made it pretty far, and effectively abandoned it. The reason is simple. See... The last game that I wrote, that I put many, many weeks and hours of work into, Awesome Copter Game, got very little response. It wasn't for lack of promotion. It wasn't because the game sucked or wasn't fun to play. There wasn't enough people downloading it to make that determination...
It was just a general lack of interest. In fact, it still is in a state of very little interest. It's been downloaded less than 200 times. This is in contrast to a simple bubble wrap game that is currently at the 870,000 download mark.

It really opened my eyes to the fact that people generally don't care much about the amount of effort that went into a project. It doesn't even enter into their thoughts. As such, I figured it made more sense to get all of my smaller projects done and in the can before getting back to this app - if ever.

This past weekend (10/09/2016), I found myself doing a bunch of house cleaning, since I finished up a bunch of stuff... And I came across this project. I ran the program as it was as I left it months and months ago... And I thought, "Damn, I put an awful lot of work into this to just let it expire like a campfire at dawn..." So, I decided to finish it. And to that end, here we have a web page discussing the project, and I actually have a beta version that is pretty well playable.

Over the next couple of weeks, I intend to finish this thing up.

So there you have the story of this one... I'm not even sure that anyone reads this stuff. It is just a development log so I can tell the stories of how these projects come to be, and my experiences with them.

After all, I hope that this app takes off better than the last super-ambitious app I wrote! Haha....

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