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21 Solitaire Game


Information about this project:
icon On Google Play | v5.403 - 09/20/2018
icon On Amazon Appstore | 9/2/2015

Special thank you to GameKeys.net for including this app in their article for Top Card Games to Play

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Note for 1/28/2018: I added a high score table to the live database to track all scores on all games. Here are the high scores for THIS game:

Note for 2/5/2015: I finally added drag and drop functionality. Took me a little time to figure that out. It makes a really nice improvement to the game.

This project was developed using the same engine as the Popping Wrap Game. The framework is actually supposed to be for game development. I spent a lot of time mucking around with how the different pieces of the framework actually function and what they are capable of. I should say, the framework itself has got a LOT of stuff built in, so it's easy to work with. Like, printing graphics anywhere on the screen, user interaction, stuff like that. It also has a lot built in for animating objects. That part is not so easy to work with, because they are intended to be animations for things that play forever in a loop, or move in a set path across the screen.

That's not to say that the framework is limited. I don't mean that at all. The framework is expandable to a limitless degree. So with some effort, I could create animations to do anything I want. It's just not easy. And since this is not an action oriented arcade game, the animations are not suitable for a game like this.

So for the sake of getting this project done, I didn't do much in the way of animation. Perhaps as I get better with this stuff, I can update this thing to have a little more fun stuff.

Anyway... This is the most ambitious of all the apps I've written yet. I really tried to make something that was closer to a professional production level than what I've built so far. The game itself, I wrote once a LONG time ago using Director. At the time, there were a few games like it around the internet. I cannot seem to find anything like out there now. It's like this game was forgotten. As such, I really didn't have anything in the way of reference for commonly accepted rules or scoring. So I made it all up as I went.

If you find that there is some other version out there that plays different, or has different scoring, then so be it. The reason mine is different is because I didn't compare mine to anything. I hope you enjoy this thing!


icon From Google Play
icon From Amazon Appstore
icon Local version. Follow instructions on previous page.

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