Affiliate / Referral Banners

Here we have a collection of banners pointing to various investment opportunities that I have deemed worthy of sharing.

If you know anything about investing, especially as it relates to Cryptocurrency, you know that every site out there that is offering you a method of making money, is doing so to make themselves money!! So expect that most of those sites will give you something. But that something is VERY little. Like, so little as to be laughable. And many times they make the withdrawal limits absurdly high to a point that you never earn enough to offload it! It's not even worth inconveniencing all those electrons to do it sometimes.

This collection here... These are sites that are worth the effort. You can make money. You don't have to do a lot of work. And you can actually USE what you earn.


Stock investment app. Actual trading with no fees.


You NEED to have this as your main wallet


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