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NFT Collections

I have a fairly amusing story about this project, and why it exists to start with. But first, let me get out of the way that I already have a pretty solid article that explains what NFTs are, and why they are important. So I will not burden you with that story here.

Also... Because a lot has happened since I wrote this article, I have created a single page subdomain, just to showcase these collections.

Now, on to our regularly scheduled article, already in progress... This story is about why I've decided to make a collection of NFTs for myself.

It goes like this...
A few weeks ago, I was wracking my brain trying to come up with a new way to generate some income. And I had this idea where I would put together a page that I could use to sell something. But what? I'm not planning on selling trinkets, or masks, or T-shirts, or anything. I was looking for something more simple and unique.
One of the ideas that crossed my mind was something like, "You can purchase a representation of this color. Just pay me 1 DOGE". Something like that. I was really going to do this. What was stopping me was that I wasn't sure of the best way to handle transactions. I wanted something that was simple and secure.

A few days ago, I stumbled onto all this stuff with the NFTs, described in the article I linked above.  And it occurred to me that, holy crap, that's precisely what I was looking to do!  And there is an entire infrastructure in place already to handle it.  Everything from posting to advertising, to handling the transaction, is all done!  It's exactly what I was trying to do, but didn't have the means.

Well, now I do. So, I've made me a collection of characters, and I've put them up for sale.


The collection is The Web Safe Colors cards. Each card representing one of the 216 Web Safe Colors.
With today's newer monitors that are able to show the full spectrum of colors, the need for Web Safe colors has pretty well gone away. So those poor little guys are just sitting there, forgotten and unloved. My thought is to once again give them life - give them a purpose! You TOO can own your very own characterization of one of the old Web Safe Colors.

The set is incomplete right now. I'm still building all the graphics. But I have those 6 up right now. I have another 6 ready to go. And if the project actually goes as I hope, I will produce all 216 of them. And if they all sell, I will produce a second set. Right now, each of these are one of a kind.

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