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I know there are millions of sites out there that do this already. But I wanted one of my own. That way I don't need to go looking for a site, or be bothered with all their ads and stuff.

And here's another fun fact; My original intention here was to write my own code to generate QR codes. But I was not able to really find any decent explanation on how to do that. All I could find were JavaScript libraries that other people wrote. And here's the thing... I looked at the code. I still don't know how the codes are created.

I thought it would be no more complicated than drawing a particular graphic for any individual character, like a normal bar code. I was very wrong in that assumption.

As such, the actual code that creates the final QR code was not written by me. After some searching, this is the library that I went with. It's small, easy to implement, and works as well as any generator I've even seen.

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