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Films and FX tests

A collection of films I produced a bunch of years ago. Most were really just excuses to test FX that I was teaching myself. That and to have a little fun. Each film has its own page with a detailed description of how and why it was done at all.

Why Alderaan?
Episode III Trailer
Disaster at Naboo
Saberfight 2004
Recently taken down for music
rights violation



Rather than watching each one here, you can download the whole lot of them on DVD
Click here to download ISO image

My YouTube Channel also has lower quality versions of all of the films
YouTube link


Effects Tests

qtIcon Entering the Battle
qtIcon Landing on an asteroid base
qtIcon 4 Short Clips
qtIcon Battle Scene
qtIcon FedLanding Landing Craft
qtIcon Spaceship FlyBy
qtIcon Formation?
qtIcon How Many Kids I Have
qtIcon Superfast running, cloning and lightsaber
qtIcon Falcon FlyBy
qtIcon Republic Cruiser Landing
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