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Recently taken down from YouTube for music rights violation.
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Nevermind. It's back now. hahah...

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This film has an interesting story. It is the first collaborative effort for me in producing a film. It was produced for a contest run by That site is a forum mostly made up of filmmakers, for the purpose of discussing past and upcoming projects, and to generally banter about the subject. The idea of the contest was to randomly throw together a team of 3 people, a writer, a director, and an editor. Each person would take on that one part of the production and move it down the line to the next person. The interesting part is that anyone entering the contest could end up with any of the assigned jobs, since all of us were qualified to do all the jobs.

The team I was on consisted of myself (writer), Teague Christie (director, filming), and Hunter Carter (editor, post production). This is why all of our little production companies have a spot in the credits.

The process for this whole thing was pretty weird to say the least. Teague and I had much discussion over the content of the writing. He really did not like the idea. Or to put it another way, he just didn't think people would understand it. In the end, he more or less begrudgingly went with my idea. The 'after credits ending', he threw in there, as his final say. It's actually pretty funny, so I'm not complaining. After all, I am supremely impressed with the work both of the other guys did. Teague found great actors, and filmed some really solid stuff. And Hunter, for his part, did an amazing job!

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