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Latest News

2020-11-27 - Fuzzy Clock

Fuzzy Clock for Android

New app!  I've had this thing sitting around for a couple of years.  I started the project, then just never finished it.  I found it again recently and figured, why not just finish it and release it?

You can look here to read more about the development, and download it.

If you want to see what the app essentially does, look further down this page for the little Fuzzy Clock gadget.  The original version of that thing goes back so far I cannot even remember when I built it.

2020-10-29 - Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day - a new implementation

Standalone, single page of the Quote of the Day app is finally done.  

If you've ever visited this site before, you may have seen a recent new post where I was saying I wanted to make the API open for anyone to use.  And it got me thinking that perhaps creating a simple web app that shows an example of how it can be implemented would be a good idea.  So that's what I did.

That's the greatest part of how this project was done.  All of the hard work was done years ago.  I'm just making use of existing tools and doing something new with them.

Please share.  Please tell your friends.  Tell your enemies.  For my part in this, I am a little surprised that this project hasn't gotten more attention.  It's one of those things that makes me think, "what am I doing wrong?"

2020-08-07 - New Tutorial

Custom Banner Tutorial

A few days ago, I answered a question on about how to get ads running on your site without having to use Google AdSense, or one of the other ad services.

The reason I had a good answer to this question is because a few years ago, I had already developed a method for doing just that.  After I wrote up the answer, I decided that a full tutorial was in order. So I wrote one up: Custom Banner Ads - a tutorial.

Hope someone out there finds that helpful.

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