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Latest News

2020-02-15 - Major site update

Making the site responsive

This portfolio has been around since around the time the internets were invented.  On one hand, this is cool because it's old.  On the other hand, it's easy for things to get outdated and become a detriment.

This site is mobile friendly.  But only in that I've been forcing it to do so with JavaScript and swapping the template.  For the most part, it is not truly responsive.  It's was a great design 5 years ago.  It's a terrible design today.  So I am fixing that.

Lock, stock, and barrel, I am giving this portfolio an overhaul.  There are a LOT of pages on this site... If you see things broken, out of place, messed up, out of whack, or anything like that, it is because like all of the best developers, I work directly on the live server.  So things will appear broken until I fix them.

2020-01-31 - Election countdown

It cannot be overstated that the next election in this country is extremeley important.  Here is a convenient countdown timer to you can see how many days there are until that day.

Also included is a link to help you register, if you had not done so before.

2020-01-23 - Quote of the Day API

We have decided to allow open usage of the Quote of the Day API. Click here for more information

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