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Latest News

2021-01-01 - Affiliate program

Affiliate Program

Introducing a new program that will hopefully make us all some money.  I am referring to a new Affiliate Program for my project.

You can read all about it at the provided link.  But the short version is that I'm trying to drum up new business for the hosting section of my company, and I am just terrible at selling.  So I'm opening up a method for people to make sales and earn commission.

2020-12-16 - Temperature Converter

Temperature Converter for Android

The Android version of the Temperature Converter app is finished and live on Google Play

The original idea for this app was produced as a JavaScript webapp. The reason for that app is simple. No matter where you live in the world, when someone says the temperature, your first thought is, "is that F or C?" And most people cannot convert between the two unless it's something easy, like the freezing point.


2020-10-29 - Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day - a new implementation

Standalone, single page of the Quote of the Day app is finally done.  

If you've ever visited this site before, you may have seen a recent new post where I was saying I wanted to make the API open for anyone to use.  And it got me thinking that perhaps creating a simple web app that shows an example of how it can be implemented would be a good idea.  So that's what I did.

That's the greatest part of how this project was done.  All of the hard work was done years ago.  I'm just making use of existing tools and doing something new with them.

Please share.  Please tell your friends.  Tell your enemies.  For my part in this, I am a little surprised that this project hasn't gotten more attention.  It's one of those things that makes me think, "what am I doing wrong?"

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