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Latest News

2022-07-20 - Countdown to Election

Countdown to the Next Election

The original version of this webapp was here, along with the rest of the countdown timers I have.  I always thought this one was just a little more important, and I tend to share it a lot.  I always said it really deserved its own site.  So, I bought a domain for it and made it into a full site:


I have a lot of ideas for what to do with this thing going forward.  But for now, please share it.  Tell your friends.  Register to vote!  Check to see if your state offers early voting.

There is no way to say this without being political.  D'uh.  Our democracy is at stake.  Don't take this lightly.

2022-06-21 - Domain Names for Sale

List of Domain Names for Sale

For various reasons I end up holding on to domain names that I would really rather not keep any more.  Those are ones that I am putting up for sale.  Since I have a few now, I thought a subdomain landing page would be a good place to list them. If you are looking for a domain that has an established value, or you would like a site that comes fully complete and functional, one of these may be a good fit for you.

Click here for list of domains for sale.

2022-05-29 - Discord Bot

We made a Discord Bot

A few weeks ago we announced the release of our Discord server.  This week, we have something new to tell of.  The Discord Bot.

I created a new page under the NFT section specifically for Discord, and the Bot link can be found there.  Or, click on this link...

 The Big Red Button

If you don't run a Discord server yourself, that link will mean nothing to you. More than anything the Bot is an experimnent in seeing different sorts of responses based on user commands.  This is how bots on Discord work.  And since I'm pretty familiar with Python, it didn't take me very long to figure it all out.

2022-01-08 - Wertle Word Game

Clone of the Wordle Word Game

thumbnailI'm sure that by now you have seen the original Wordle game running on the NYT website.

The story about that game, as I understand it, is that some random guy wrote that game, and the NYT bought it from him for some large 7-figure sum of money.

Make no mistake about it, that actually makes me angry.  And the reason for that is that I could have written that game.  I just didn't think of it.  I didn't think the NYT would buy it even if I did think of it.  I've been doing this stuff for decades, and I really have no idea how this person pulled that off.

As a challenge to myself, I wanted to see if I could write a playable version of the game.  So I did.  Also, I wanted a version that I could play whenever I wanted rather than just once a day.  So, here is my version.

I know it is not a perfect clone.  It's not like I'm trying to sell this thing to the NYT or anything.  But it is certainly a passable version of the game.

2021-04-13 - NFT Collections

NFT Collections

We have created and released our own NFT collections. The first collection is The Web Safe Colors cards.


Each card representing one of the 216 Web Safe Colors.

The second one is the Spining Objects collection:

logo2 rideTheDoggy

I have a lot of ideas for these things, so I'm buiding them once every couple of days.  I just think they look cool.  And some of them serve as a convenient way to reuse some old Photoshops.

2021-03-10 - QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator

New JavaScript project.  Make your own QR codes.


Yes, I am aware that there are billions of sites that help you do this.  But now I have my own version.

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