Baby Ian Lawton

Here he is.
Ian Kenneth Lawton
He was born at 2:33pm
January 4th 1999
4lbs., 2oz..
18" long

Current Stats:
2 years old
22 lbs
33" tall

Video Section
Important information
I used the Intel i263 CODEC to create all these clips.
If you have trouble viewing, you'll need to download this file and install it before running the clip.

The first clip in over a year.
This clip was filmed at 4 sperate time between June 2000 and Feb 2001.
It's 4 seperate clips all merged together. Only the first 2 have audio, I ommitted
it from the final 2 to conserve space.
This file is compressed with WinZip.

A video clip with audio!!!
This is a clip of the first word that Ian learned how to say. Please turn your volume WAY up, his voice is very quiet.
This clip was filmed on 5/15/99.

Everyone's favorite clip!
I was going to upload it as 2 clips but decided to merge them into 1.
This clip was filmed on 4/17/99.


This is a backward chronology of his life so far.

Xmas, 2000


Please excuse the extended delay in updating Ian's page.

I'm not going to make any excuses about this. Life is just very busy nowadays.

I have some other images that I will be posting soon, for now, though...
This is a really good picture taken just before he turned 2.

August, 1999


Since it's been so long, you'll see a huge difference in his size and strength.

These are his current stats:
Weight: 15 lbs. 2 oz.
28 inches

He's sitting up on his own. He crawls ALL over the place. Not only that, but, he tends to have a destination in mind and normally pulls himself up to a standing position when he reaches it.

According to his pediatrician, he shouldn't even be crawling all that well much less standing himself up!

He plays constantly... If he isn't sleeping, he is moving all about and playing with everything in sight!
He's developed quite a personality. If he doesn't get what he wants, he gets angry immediately.

March 9th, 1999

April 2nd, 1999


Ian is now officially over 10 lbs. at 24". He's getting stronger everyday. He can hold his head up and look around. He is smiling and responding to us!

He started eating cereal. And, he tends to cry a lot less, except when he first wakes up.


The top image is just thrown in cuz he looked so damn cute.
The picture with Rufous gives you a good idea of how the cats are adjusting to their new roommate.

January 9th, 1999



This is the first time that Tash actually got to hold the little fella.

The thing in his nose is a CPAP used to help him keep his lungs inflated. He's been able to take it off for an hour 3 times a day. They will increase that time as he improves until they can remove it all together.

Since this photo was taken, we've been able to hold him without all that stuff attached to him. He has been opening his little eyes and looking around a lot more, too.

He is making fantastic progress!

January 6th, 1999
Baby Ian


This is a photo taken at Mercer Medical Center where he will be living for the next couple of weeks

My hand is in the picture for a size reference. (and because I was petting his little head.)

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