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Macaque Selfie Images

About this page

For everyone that missed the story. A photographer had his camera stolen by a couple Macaques. They took it upon themselves to take some selfies.
They proved to be quite hysterical. Where it falls apart for the photographer is that Wikimedia started using the images under the claim that they are public domain, and subject to no copyright.

Since I happen to agree with Wikimedia on this point, and these images are indeed public domain. I'm hosting them too! And, besides I really did laugh like an idiot when I saw the first one! No one in this universe can convince me that that monkey is a dumb animal! He clearly knew exactly what he was doing!

You know what I find really strange about this... I went and dug up these images via a Google Search like anyone else would. Every last one of them had a copyright added to it. They are public domain. That's what this whole thing is about. So how could some OTHER agency claim copyright on them now?!

Here are the images (the best ones I could find):





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