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2019-09-29 - Quote of the Day API

We have decided to allow open usage of the Quote of the Day API. Click here for more information

2019-08-12 - New subsection - Android App Reviews

Android App Reviews is finished, up, and running.

This site is brand new. As such we are actively seeking new submissions of Android apps for review.

We are not reviewing iPhone or Windows apps. Only Android. But on the plus side, we are also not charging for doing the reviews.

Yes, you read that right. For now, until we get a reasonable user base, reviews will be done for FREE. This is basically free advertising for your app!


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The mobile version of the site is still in progress, and probably always will be.
Most pages on the site have a mobile friendly version. Some don't. The content is what is important. Every part of the site is functional regardless.

There is a little menu in the top left of all the mobile pages for additional navigation.

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