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Democrats prosecuting the President open the trial with evidence of Trump abusing power and obstructing Congress

Fact check: Trump lawyers make at least three false claims
President Donald Trump's legal team made at least three false claims during Senate impeachment proceedings on Tuesday, plus two more claims we'll call misleading.

Opening arguments: Schiff says evidence supporting Trump's removal is overwhelming
House impeachment managers begin making their case for removing President Donald Trump from office on Wednesday following a marathon opening session in the Senate's impeachment trial to approve the rules of the trial.

False claim: Tapper reveals false claim by Trump's lawyer that was spread using tax dollars
The President's impeachment defense lawyer Jay Sekulow said that quid pro quo was not a part of the impeachment charges facing Trump. CNN's Jake Tapper and CNN legal analyst Carrie Cordero fact check this misleading claim.

Lawmakers get restless: Senators can't seem to stay seated during trial

Sketch scenes: More impeachment trial scenes the Senate TV cameras won't show
Press access to the Senate chamber for the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump remains severely restricted, and the only television coverage is through cameras controlled by the Senate itself.

Senate Republicans need to end this trial before Trump confesses
Senate Republicans need to end this impeachment trial before President Donald Trump confesses to anything else.

Chief justice's rebuke at impeachment trial highlights rising tensions
The Senate is still reeling from a combative exchange between the House impeachment managers and the President's defense team that triggered a rebuke from Chief Justice John Roberts and highlighted rising tensions at the impeachment trial.

Joe Biden: We're not going to turn this into a farce
Former Vice President Joe Biden comments on the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Your impeachment questions answered
CNN asked its millions of Instagram followers what questions they had about the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. Here's a sample, along with some answers:


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