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The President wants to open lines of communication with the notoriously shrewd Putin to stop further deterioration in relations between the US and Moscow
Key issues | Photos: When US presidents met Russian leaders

Russia's Putin lands in Geneva for summit

Trump's former top Russia adviser reflects on 'terrible spectacle' of Trump-Putin summit
Fiona Hill, once then-President Donald Trump's top Russia adviser, said Tuesday evening that she was so alarmed during Trump's 2018 press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin that she had looked for a fire alarm to pull and considered faking a medical emergency.

'Mortifying and humiliating for the country': Fiona Hill recalls 2018 summit
Fiona Hill, former President Trump's top Russia adviser, talks to CNN's Don Lemon about the summit with Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland, in 2018.

Why Biden and Putin won't hold a joint press conference
When US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin gather for their highly anticipated summit in Geneva on Wednesday, it will come at a time that both leaders say is a low point for relations between their two countries. So, perhaps unsurprisingly, a joint press conference following the summit is likely not in the cards.

Opinion: Biden can't let Putin get away with this
Over the past several weeks, many Americans have become intimately familiar with the national security threat of ransomware. The Colonial Pipeline hack knocked out a major pipeline that supplies fuel to nearly half of the East Coast, sparking panic-buying across the country, and the JBS hack brought down the world's largest meat supplier, driving up meat prices.

Biden rarely has nice things to say about Putin
In 2011, then-Vice President Joe Biden and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin hoped for cooperation between their two countries. A decade later their relationship has deteriorated.

Cases of a dangerous Covid-19 variant are 'rapidly increasing' in US, expert says
• What we know about the Delta variant • Reseachers find more evidence Covid was circulating in US as early as December 2019

Proud Boys descended into dysfunction after arrests, messages show
• Trump tried to get DOJ to back his election lies, new emails show • Analysis: The most insane 2020 conspiracy theory in the new DOJ emails

Moderates win the day in close vote over Southern Baptist presidency
Alabama pastor Ed Litton will be the next president of the Southern Baptist Convention following a narrow election win Tuesday -- a victory for the more moderate establishment against a conservative insurgency in an ongoing fight within the nation's largest Protestant denomination.


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