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What We Learned About Amazon's Warehouse Workers
Outsiders see a business success story for the ages. Many insiders see an employment system under strain.
Lina Khan Named F.T.C. Chair by Biden
Ms. Khan, who first attracted notice as a critic of Amazon, was confirmed by the Senate as a commissioner on the agency on Tuesday.
Bitcoin and Encryption: A Race Between Criminals and the F.B.I.
The F.B.I. scored two major victories, recovering a Bitcoin ransom and tricking lawbreakers with an encryption app. But criminals may still have the upper hand.
Buyers of Amazon Devices Are Guinea Pigs. That’s a Problem.
Amazon’s experimental approach to product design can hurt your wallet and the environment. Why does it need our help to figure out what it’s doing?
Can Streaming Pay? Musicians Are Pinning Fresh Hopes on Twitch.
The gaming platform is becoming increasingly attractive to artists, who can earn money by cultivating fan tribes that express their loyalty through patronage.
In an about-face, Lordstown Motors says it has enough money and will start building trucks.
Lordstown said last week that it needed to raise more money and might not survive. Now, the company’s new executive chairwoman has said “It’s a new day at Lordstown Motors.”
What Data About You Can the Government Get From Big Tech?
The revelations of a leak investigation started in the Trump administration are a reminder that Big Tech companies often hand over information about their users.
Apple Says It Turned Over Data on Donald McGahn in 2018
The company notified Donald F. McGahn II last month that it had been subpoenaed for his account information three years ago.
Flying Car Makers Want to Build ‘Uber Meets Tesla in the Air’
Inside Silicon Valley’s 10-year quest to make soaring above a crowded city street as easy as calling an Uber.
Justice Dept. Watchdog to Investigate Seizure of Democrats’ Data
Democrats denounced the Trump administration’s seizure of lawmakers’ data as an abuse of power and called on Republicans to back the congressional inquiry.


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