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Profile: Christian Wanamaker Teaches Robots to Learn How to Help Students
Teachers can train robots to help students with autism spectrum disorder with this programmer's code
European Space Agency Targets Orbital Debris, Solar Storms
The ClearSpace-1 and Lagrange missions will try to make life safer both in orbit and here on Earth
Holding Light (Temporarily) in Place
New research describes potential ways to momentarily store light pulses
Iran May Deploy Wiper Malware in Response to U.S. Military Strike, Experts Warn
Wiper malware erases the contents of a machine's hard drive and makes it impossible for it to reboot
Researchers Can Make AI Forget You
New methods make removing records from trained models more efficient
FCC Filing Confirms Final Contestant in DARPA’s $12 Million Satellite Launch Challenge
Astra Space, the sole remaining participant, gets early notice of the competition launch site
Diode Lasers Jump to the Deep Ultraviolet
After years of delays, a semiconductor diode laser has finally operated in the deep ultraviolet, pointing the way to bio-sensors and sterilization
CES 2020: Bzigo Laser System Detects and Tracks Mosquitoes So You Can Destroy Them
An IR camera, laser designator, and computer vision algorithms bring doom to indoor bugs
Neural Networks Can Drive Virtual Racecars Without Learning
AI evolves innate abilities, similar to people and animals
Building a Quantum Computer From Off-the-Shelf Parts
University of Chicago researchers develop stable and possibly scalable qubits by creating defects in commercial silicon wafers


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