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'Spree' Is Nasty, Clever Satire for the Influencer Era
I never want to watch this movie again. 5/5 stars.
The Iconic Arecibo Telescope Goes Quiet After Major Damage
A cable cut a large gash into the radio telescope this week and it’s uncertain when it will be back in working order.
How to Turn Your Camera into a Webcam: Canon, Fujifilm, GoPro, and More
Months into the pandemic, webcams are still hard to find. But if you're a shutterbug, you already have a better option.
Microsoft Duo: Price, Details, Release Date
Microsoft has had to shift its sales pitch from a “work” product to “staying home indefinitely” device.
Google Is Launching a Global Earthquake-Detection Network
A new feature will allow Android devices to collect readings from smartphone sensors and warn users when a tectonic shake-up is imminent.
AI Magic Makes Century-Old Films Look New
Denis Shiryaev uses algorithms to colorize and sharpen old movies, bumping them up to a smooth 60 frames per second. The result is a stunning glimpse at the past.
Cannondale Quick Neo SL Review (2020): A Fast, Fun E-Ride
This is a powerful electric bike for fun, mostly on-road romps around town.
How to Make Remote Learning Work for Your Children
If you're preparing for yet another round of homeschooling, we've identified a few ways to make this school year suck just a little bit less.
How Facebook and Other Sites Manipulate Your Privacy Choices
Social media platforms repeatedly use so-called dark patterns to nudge you toward giving away more of your data.
Scientists Put Masks to the Test—With an iPhone and a Laser
When it comes to blocking germs, not all cloth masks are created equal. A new, low-cost testing device literally illuminates which ones won’t get the job done.


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