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How Much of a Jerk Are You?
Answer these questions to determine just how much of a jerk you are.
This was inspired by that recent share on Facebook for "How Much of a Bitch..." thing.
I didn't even look at that. So none of these question should be anything like it. Just thought I'd point that out.
And, yeah, I'm a jerk for hijacking someone's idea. So what?


1: When you find money on the ground, do you:

2: Do you hold the door for someone?

3: How often do you use profanity?

4: Do you insult people less fortunate than yourself?

5: You see an old woman afraid of crossing the street. What do you do?

6: Do you experience road rage?

7: How often do you get into fist fights?

8: How often do you talk on the phone in the movie theater?

9: If you owe someone money, how long do you take to repay?

10: How often do you play pranks on friends/coworkers?

11: Do you cheat when playing cards?

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