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According to Ripley`s Believe It or Not
Not really as much a test as a "How many can I guess correctly?". Although, in some cases, that is pretty much the same as any other test. I offer no citations for the correctness of these answers, other an Ripley`s being the source. It`s all just for fun anyway.


1: A man crossed Niagara Falls on a tight rope, pushing what in a wheelbarrow?

2: A man in Hong Kong recently turned a 1953 VW Beetle into what?

3: What is the deadliest animal on earth?

4: Every December, Christmas Island residents must deal with

5: Cloacina was the Roman Goddess of

6: In Tibet, they prefer to put what in their tea rather than sugar?

7: Other than the opossum, what animal is known to play dead?

8: Which of these cities is the least windy?

9: What is the median age of the global population?

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