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icon On Google Play | v3.14 - 2023-03-24

Description for Fuzzy Clock

The very first time I saw any version of this idea was an old Linux distro that I was using. The clock in the task bar had the option to make it fuzzy rather than accurate. Which I always thought was funny.

I like the idea well enough that I built a little JavaScript gadget for it.

This version of the program got its start probably 3 years ago. My original thought was to make it available to people using Android watches. But for various reasons, the project stalled and just sat there. So here we are a bunch of years later, and I'm cleaning up projects, recompiling all the ones I still support, and so on, and I came across this.

The project was 80% complete, and it was just sitting there unused. So I figured, why not just finish it and release it. It's still a funny idea after all. And the widget still serves basically the same purpose I had always intended. And who knows, if there is any response to this project, I may go ahead and finish the Android Watch version. You know, if people are even using those things.

icon From Google Play
icon Local version. Follow instructions on previous page.


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