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This is a spoof of the old Geico insurance ads. It's only a minute long... It would take you less time to just watch it than it would for me to explain it.

Technical information
This cartoon was done specifically for the Atom Films Star Wars Fan Film Contest. As of when I'm typing this, I don't even know if it's been accepted yet. (I'll be updating that soon...) Anyway... It's rather tame by my standards, but I'm trying to cater to a particular audience there. I hope you find it entertaining nonetheless.

What I wanted to accomplish here was a cartoon that doesn't suffer from all of the problems my last cartoon did. I had major troubles with sound, and lip-synching. Plus, the artwork and animation was the bare minimum to make it work. I didn't want to screw around like that this time. I took everything I learned from my mistakes there and really made an effort to improve upon them.

Another thing I'd like to point out... A lot of the background stuff as well as the blink cycles on the characters is all controlled by Flash Action Script. It's all randomized to make it appear more life-like and random. The other upshot is that the cartoon never looks the same twice! And, believe it or not, programming those behaviors is actually easier than keyframing them, and it also makes the filesize smaller!

I hope you enjoy this silly, silly cartoon!! Thanks for reading.

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