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Gadgets... I guess that's what to call them. I had a whole bunch of these running on Google's site, when they were hosting them. Then they totally changed everything around, and more or less dropped support. So, I salvaged what I could, and repurposed them for use here. There are only a couple. I will add more, as I find time.

To use any of these on your site, simply copy and paste the provided code block into your page wherever you want it to appear.

Analog Clock
Something struck me as a need to build this thing. It took me less than an hour. So there really isn't a lot to it. But it does work pretty well for being so small in the code.

New Star Wars The Force Awakens Countdown Timer! Well, it is until 12/18/2015. After that, it will automatically reset to count to the release of Episode VIII. Which, from what I hear will be May 26, 2017.


Simple Calendar
This is nothing more than a simple script to generate a calendar starting with today's date. The bit for scrolling through the months IS now working. It may seem silly, but I actually like to see the calendar every day. And since I didn't actually have one, I made one...

Mouse following Snake
Not that I would suggest really using this thing. It's just an additional demo based on this demo, which itself was based on this proof of concept

A reasonably functional calculator. Moveable too. Click on the icon to launch the applet.

Holiday countdown timers

This is the Halloween countdown timer. You may notice it's just a preview...
These gadgets cannot run on the same page together as they use the exact same engine.

This is the Christmas countdown timer. Also, just a preview...

Fuzzy Clock

Moon Phase Clock

Full Gadget:

Just the Moon graphic:

Note: There are two versions of this script. If you are concerned about the content of the photos, please use the second script. It has all the offensive pictures taken out.

Uncensored (All pictures shown)

Censored (No offensive pictures)

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