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Why Alderaan?

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NOTE: As of 9/30/2011, AtomFilms has killed the contract for this cartoon. So, I am now able to do whatever the hell I want with it. Meaning that the version running here NOW is the original version, with the original music and so on... I had to make some changes to conform to contest/hosting rules.

Anyone who's seen Star Wars Episode IV, A New Hope, will likely tell you that Grand Moff Tarkin destroyed the planet Alderaan to scare the bajebus out of Princess Leia thereby forcing her to tell him where the rebel base was. Well, I don't think that was the real reason. I think it was revenge. This film explains the real reason Alderaan was destroyed.

Technical information
I have been working with Flash, as a programmer for a few years now... Mostly for web pages and cutesy demos and games.
So, one day I got to thinking that with all I know about Flash, making a cartoon should be a snap. Boy was I wrong. Don't ever underestimate how difficult it can be to make that program cooperate. Don't get me wrong... I'm not really complaining. I learned a lot. And I certainly have a new respect for what it takes to create a cartoon.

I know that the artwork and animation is not going to win any awards. I really did the best I could with the small bit of illustration talent I have.

Anyway... The idea of this cartoon was just to get the comedy out. I had a funny story that would not have been funny if it were filmed.

As a warning to all you folks getting ready to attempt a Flash cartoon. Plan your audio VERY carefully. Audio synching is extremely tedious and difficult. And what makes matters worse, is that the synching will react different in the workspace than it does as a standalone, and worst of all, in a browser. My solution to this problem was to find the method that played it back best (EXE), and then create a separate MPEG version for all of those who don't trust EXE files.

I hope you enjoy this silly, silly cartoon!! Thanks for reading.

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