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Superfast Running Effect in Adobe After Effects 5.5 - A Tutorial

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Page 2 - Setting up the IN and OUT points

The first thing to do now is find the IN point for the clip. In this case, it's at 17 seconds in. The first 16;29 seconds were either bad takes or me walking around... Whatever... For those of you using the example clip, you'll see the first 16 seconds as a black box. Partly to hide the bad takes, but mostly to make the video compress smaller.
Double click on the clip, use the slider to scrub through to 17;00 and press IN.

For future reference: 17;00 = Seconds;Frame number

Once this clip is marked accordingly, slide the clip so that the IN frame you just marked is at the beginning of your composition (in most cases, this happens automatically.) Otherwise you'll have 16;29 seconds of a blank backdrop.

Now you need to find and isolate all the places where you want your actor to be seen. In order to make things easier, you may as well duplicate the clip now for all the instances you will need. Simply highlight the clip and press CTRL-D 6 times

Next, make all those dupes invisible so they don't obscure one another. Click on the little eyeball for the 6 new clips and hide them all. When you're finished, your timeline should look like this:

One more thing... Make a dupe of the background and move it to the top layer. Hide that too, for the time being. We'll get to that later.

Now you have to mark the OUT spot for the first clip. Double click on the clip to open it, use the slider to scrub through to the last frame before the effect begins. In this case it's at 19;02. Press the OUT button.

Go on to page 3: Set up the rest of the INs and OUTs


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