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Superfast Running Effect in Adobe After Effects 5.5 - A Tutorial

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Page 3 - Set up the rest of the INs and OUTs

Now you are ready to start marking the rest of the clips. What you'll essentially be doing is scrubbing through the clip until you find a frame that looks good, and somewhat natural for the effect.

At this point the playhead on the timeline should already be at the spot where the first clip is marked OUT. Make the next clip on line visible (channel 7) by turning the eye back on. Double click to open, and scrub through a couple of frames to find the first frame of running. In this case, it is at frame 19;14. Mark the IN AND OUT for this clip at that point. Then close the window. Now you have a video clip that is one frame long.

Do this same thing to the next 2 clips (channels 6 and 5). Mark the IN and OUT of the the first to 19;19 and the next to 19;27

Once you've done your INs and OUTs for the 'running out' portion, you need to slide them in place in the timeline so the appear in sequential order with no frames in between. The easiest way to do this is to use the control in the timeline to raise the size of the frames graphically. Slide that slider all the way to the right to make the clips maximum size. Now that you've done that, it's really easy to see how the clips sit on the timeline. Slide them all into sequential order. When you're done, your timeline will look like this:

At this point, you know all you need to set up the return run. All except for the time code for the INs and OUTs. Leave some space to show the background blank for a few seconds. Then, set up the next 2 clips with time codes, Channel 4, 26;08 and Channel 3, 26;21. Set the very last clip for an IN of 27;06 and set the OUT wereever you want. In my example, I faded it out.

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