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Cloning Yourself in Adobe After Effects 5.5 - A Tutorial

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Page 5 - Finalizing the scene and add in the lightsaber clip

This is by far the easiest part. Now that you have all your clones in place, you just need to click on Comp 1 in the timeline to bring you back to the main composition. Then drag and drop the new Doorway Comp onto the timeline. Just make sure that it is on the layer above the background.

Now, at this point the only thing left to do is create the lightsaber scene. Everything that I've gone over to produce the clones of myself in the doorway is all you need to know to produce the lightsaber clip. Except, that is, for the rotoscoping of the lightsaber itself. For that I refer you to the galaxy renowned Ryan W "How to Make Lightsabers" tutorial.

Here are some screen shots that show how the lightsaber clip is added in.

Start by masking the clip:

Animated the mask so that it follows the actor:

Continue animating the mask to follow the actor out of the room.

When you're all finished with the lightsaber scene, add it to the main composition the same way you did the Doorway comp. Make sure it's the top layer. Add in your rotoscoping layers to turn the lightsaber on and you are finished!!

And finally, your completed scene will look like this:


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